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Mar 27 2010

TriceraSoft TriKaraoke Free MP3+G® Karaoke Player is a Free Karaoke Player – a karaoke player that is MP3+G® enabled and also supports regular Videos and Audio content.

This is a FREE player therefore download and enjoy.
TriKaraoke MP3+G® Karaoke Player Feature List:

* Playlist Management
* Key Changer
* Background Images
* Simple to use interface


* Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz or Higher (or AMD Equivalent)
* Windows XP, Vista, 7
* 128 MB System RAM
* 64 MB Video Card
* A Soundcard
* 5 MB Hard-Drive Space

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Contemporary Karaoke Christian Favorit – PSCDG 1646 v2

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Mar 24 2010


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PO-PSCDG 1646*2
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Contemporary Christian Favorit – PSCDG 1646*2
Model# PO-PSCDG 1646*2

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PSCDG 1646*2 Karaoke Disc

Disc 1
Song Artist Style
1 The Basics Of Life Christian
2 Crucified With Christ Christian
3 How Long Christian
4 I Surrender All Christian
5 I Will Be Here Christian
6 In Christ Alone Christian
7 Waiting For Your Love Christian

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Christian Karaoke – Where Can I Find It

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Mar 10 2010

Christian Karaoke – Where Can I Find It

By: Bowe Packer

For many of us being close to our faith is a natural part of living. Hence looking for music that is devotional and inspiring is something that many of us look for. Luckily there are assorted artists who spend some of their treasured time creating beautiful songs that show their faith in the miracle of God.

Some of these talented individuals have created Christian karaoke song CDs. As individuals you might just want to participate in karaoke, but have never had the music to do it. Well, no better time than the present because the music is now here. There are also many different fun activities you can now add to church functions with karaoke music.

As we play and sing these Christian karaoke songs you will get the feeling that you are closer to god than you have ever been. Music and especially singing always has a way of doing just that. Now you don’t need to wait until you are in church to sing the praise of the lord, you can use your new karaoke equipment to let you sing the various Christian karaoke songs that you have.

You can buy a great selection of Christian karaoke music from the diverse music stores that stock karaoke songs. There are inspirational Christian karaoke songs, devotional songs, party time Christian karaoke songs, Christian rock songs, southern gospel karaoke music, and modern-day Christian karaoke songs for women.

Today there are also Christian book and music stores throughout the country. And if they don’t carry the selections you are interested in ask them about ordering it. Also, more and more standard non-specialty stores are carrying a wider selection of karaoke music, including Christian.

Now to play Christian karaoke music in your home you don’t always need to have a DVD karaoke player or other such equipment. What you can use is your personal computer’s ability to play music. You can download the Christian songs that you want. This means that you will have many great types of Christian karaoke songs that you can play even when you are working at very trying tasks.

Along with the songs and your computer you can also purchase karaoke software. This can also be run from your own pc. No hassling with the larger pieces of equipment. Most of the software out there today is fully functional and will do everything the other karaoke equipment will do. The advantages are that is isn’t equipment and of course the cost is much less.

Now you must be careful about the different places that you can purchase and download your Christian karaoke songs from. Some of these places will have actual faith songs that you will relish listening to. Others will have other songs that are masked as Christian karaoke music. The point here is to pay attention. Many of the sites that allow you to download music give you a preview of the music. Listen to the preview and be sure it is the song you are looking for.

There are some great online music stores that have a broad selection of beautiful Christian karaoke song CDs. This music also can be the perfect give for friends and family. The advantage to the music being online is it is instantly available. You can download it and create your own karaoke cd, with just the songs you like on it.

So, when looking for Christian karaoke there are a few things to remember. One, do you want to buy equipment or purchase software for your pc. Two, where to get your music from – online or offline. Remember, when you choose online make sure and preview the song. And three, keep an open mind and see the possibilities you can use Christian karaoke for – gifts, church functions and fundraiser, just to name a few.

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